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In Chronological Order Of Debut
Mike CostanzoMay 13, 2012Cincinnati Reds
Henry RodriguezSeptember 2, 2012Cincinnati Reds
Didi GregoriusSeptember 5, 2012Cincinnati Reds
Pedro VillarealSeptember 5, 2012Cincinnati Reds
Tony CingraniSeptember 9, 2012Cincinnati Reds
Justin FreemanApril 17, 2013Cincinnati Reds
Donald LutzApril 29, 2013Cincinnati Reds
Curtis PartchJune 9, 2013Cincinnati Reds
Donnie JosephJuly 11, 2013Kansas City Royals
Billy HamiltonSeptember 3, 2013Cincinnati Reds
Tucker BarnhartApril 3, 2014Cincinnati Reds
Miguel RojasJune 6, 2014Los Angeles Dodgers
Yohan PinoJune 19, 2014Kansas City Royals
Carlos ContrerasJune 21, 2014Cincinnati Reds
Daniel CorcinoAugust 26, 2014Cincinnati Reds
Ryan DennickSeptember 2, 2014Cincinnati Reds
Yorman RodriguezSeptember 4, 2014Cincinnati Reds
Rey NavarroApril 24, 2015Baltimore Orioles
Michael LorenzenApril 29, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Josh RavinJune 2, 2015Los Angeles Dodgers
Jon MoscotJune 5, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Josh SmithJune 23, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Keyvius SampsonJuly 30, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Kyle WaldropAugust 2, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Ryan LaMarreSeptember 22, 2015Cincinnati Reds
Robert StephensonApril 7, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Drew HayesApril 21, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Tim AdlemanMay 1, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Layne SomsenMay 14, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Steve SelskyMay 20, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Daniel WrightMay 24, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Cody ReedJune 18, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Patrick SchusterJuly 5, 2016Oakland Athletics
Tony RendaAugust 2, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Wandy PeraltaSeptember 4, 2016Cincinnati Reds
Barrett AstinApril 3, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Rookie DavisApril 6, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Amir GarrettApril 7, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Jesse WinkerApril 14, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Sal RomanoApril 16, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Phillip ErvinApril 22, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Ariel HernandezApril 24, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Ben LivelyJune 3, 2017Philadelphia Phillies
Luis CastilloJune 23, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Kevin ShackelfordJune 29, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Jackson StephensJuly 1, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Alejandro ChacinAugust 23, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Tyler MahleAugust 27, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Chad WallachAugust 27, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Zach VincejSeptember 1, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Fabio CastilloSeptember 2, 2017Kansas City Royals
Deck McGuireSeptember 12, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Keury MellaSeptember 20, 2017Cincinnati Reds
Marcus WaldenApril 1, 2018Boston Red Sox
Tanner RaineyApril 10, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Alex BlandinoApril 11, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Zack WeissApril 12, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Brandon DixonMay 22, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Robert StockJune 24, 2018San Diego Padres
Jesus ReyesApril 4, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Aristedes AquinoAugust 19, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Blake TrahanSeptember 3, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Gabby GuerreroSeptember 4, 2018Cincinnati Reds
Joe HudsonSeptember 8, 2018Los Angeles Angels
Nick SenzelMay 3, 2019Cincinnati Reds
Josh VanMeterMay 5, 2019Cincinnati Reds
Shed LongMay 11, 2019Seattle Mariners
Luis ArraezMay 18, 2019Minnesota Twins
Devin SmeltzerMay 28, 2019Minnesota Twins
Sean PoppenJune 19, 2019Minnesota Twins
Jimmy HergetJuly 7, 2019Cincinnati Reds
Cody StashakJuly 23, 2019Minnesota Twins
Brian O'GradyAugust 8, 2019Cincinnati Reds
Randy DobnakAugust 9, 2019Minnesota Twins
Brusdar GraterolSeptember 1, 2019Minnesota Twins
Jaylin DavisSeptember 4, 2019San Francisco Giants
Seth Mejias-BreanSeptember 4, 2019San Diego Padres
Jorge AlcalaSeptember 21, 2019Minnesota Twins
Aaron WhitefieldJuly 25, 2020Minnesota Twins
Chadwick TrompJuly 29, 2020San Francisco Giants
Lewin DiazAugust 15, 2020Miami Marlins
Ryan JeffersAugust 20, 2020Minnesota Twins
Brian NavarretoAugust 23, 2020Miami Marlins
Robinson LeyerSeptember 1, 2020Boston Red Sox
Domingo TapiaSeptember 11, 2020Boston Red Sox
Travis BlankenhornSeptember 15, 2020Minnesota Twins
Edwar ColinaSeptember 25, 2020Minnesota Twins
Alex KirilloffSeptember 30, 2020Minnesota Twins
Sam ClayApril 7, 2021Washington Nationals
Ben RortvedtApril 30, 2021Minnesota Twins
Trevor LarnachMay 8, 2021Minnesota Twins
Bailey OberMay 18, 2021Minnesota Twins
Vladimir GutierrezMay 28, 2021Cincinnati Reds
Griffin JaxJune 8, 2021Minnesota Twins
Tony SantillanJune 13, 2021Cincinnati Reds
Charlie BarnesJuly 17, 2021Minnesota Twins
Dusten KnightAugust 4, 2021Baltimore Orioles
Sean GuentherAugust 4, 2021Miami Marlins
Marcos DiplanAugust 6, 2021Baltimore Orioles
Edward CabreraAugust 25, 2021Miami Marlins
Jose SiriSeptember 3, 2021Houston Astros
Jovani MoranSeptember 12, 2021Minnesota Twins
TJ FriedlSeptember 18, 2021Cincinnati Reds
Nick FortesSeptember 18, 2021Miami Marlins
Jhoan DuranApril 8, 2022Minnesota Twins
Cole SandsMay 1, 2022Minnesota Twins
Jose MirandaMay 2, 2022Minnesota Twins
Royce LewisMay 6, 2022Minnesota Twins
Mark ContrerasMay 11, 2022Minnesota Twins
Jason AlexanderJune 1, 2022Milwaukee Brewers
Chris OkeyJune 10, 2022Cincinnati Reds
Aneurys ZabalaJune 12, 2022Miami Marlins
Jerar EncarnacionJune 19, 2022Miami Marlins
Narciso CrookJune 30, 2022Chicago Cubs
Max MeyerJuly 16, 2022Miami Marlins
Caleb HamiltonJuly 17, 2022Minnesota Twins
J.J. BledayJuly 23, 2022Miami Marlins
Brennan BernardinoJuly 31, 2022Seattle Mariners
Peyton BurdickAugust 5, 2022Miami Marlins
A.J. LadwigAugust 14, 2022Miami Marlins
Andrew NardiAugust 16, 2022Miami Marlins
Bryan HoeingAugust 20, 2022Miami Marlins
Jeff LindgrenApril 3, 2023Miami Marlins
George SorianoApril 16, 2023Miami Marlins
Drew MaggiApril 26, 2023Pittsburgh Pirates
Eury PérezMay 12, 2023Miami Marlins
Jordan BalazovicJune 18, 2023Minnesota Twins
Dane MyersJuly 4, 2023Miami Marlins
Robert GarciaJuly 14, 2023Miami Marlins
Kyle NicolasSeptember 19, 2023Pittsburgh Pirates
Nasim NuñezMarch 30, 2024Washington Nationals
Tyler JayApril 11, 2024New York Mets

Number Of Blue Wahoos To Play In The Majors: 132

First Call-Up

Mike Constanzo

Position: First Base
In Pensacola: 2012
MLB Debut: May 13, 2012
Debut Team: Cincinnati Reds

Most Recent

Tyler Jay

Position: Left-handed Pitcher
In Pensacola: 2019
MLB Debut: April 11, 2024
Debut Team: Washington Nationals